Оливер Балабурски

In his conducting career Oliver Balaburski had an opportunities to become involved in music making in different genres equally, opera, symphonic, chamber and even in the complex and demanding Silent Movie performances. In the past few years he emerge himself in the field of composing and as result he will have a World Premiere of […]

Кристијан Рајф

Newly appointed Chief Conductor of the Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Christian Reif has established a reputation for his natural musicality, innovative programming and technical command. The 2023/24 season marks Reif’s inaugural season as Chief Conductor of the Gävle Symphony Orchestra, a position he will hold through the 2025/26 season. He leads 7 programs with the orchestra […]

Масимилијано Калди

Massimiliano Caldi (Milano 1967), with a big international experience in the fields of symphonic music, opera, operetta and ballet, an attention on contemporary music and on the revival of the 19th century opera, stands out for his high professional preparation and for his bright and linear directorial style. Winner of the first prize at “G.Fitelberg” International […]

Иван Хут

Conductor and violist, was born in Pula in 1982 in the marriage of Dutch-Croatian parents. Since the age of 5, he has been living in Split and at the age of 8 he enrolled in violin class at the Josip Hatze School of Music. During his education, he won numerous awards at national competitions, some […]

Влад Визирeaну

Described as a conductor with “ample gestures, clarity, precision and genuine passion,” Vlad Vizireanu continues to make an impressive and dynamic mark on the music world as an international conductor and educator. A regular presence in the competition circuit, Vizireanu came to international attention when he won Second Prize in the 2013 Cadaqués Conducting Competition […]


Born in 1936 in Bombay, Zubin Mehta received his first musical education under the guidance of his father, violinist and Bombay Symphony Orchestra founder Mehli Mehta. After pre-medical studies in Bombay, in 1954 he entered Vienna’s Akademie für Musik conducting program under Hans Swarowsky. He won the Liverpool International Conducting Competition in 1958 and was a prize-winner […]

Иван Еминовиќ

Роден во Скопје, музика започнува да изучува на 6-годишна возраст, посетувајќи најпрвин на одделот по пијано во нижото музичко училиште, а потоа и средно образование во ДМБУЦ „Илија Николовски – Луј“ во Скопје. На ФМУ во Скопје се запишува на одделот за оркестарско диригирање во класата на проф. Саша Николовски – Ѓумар, каде во 2010 […]

Ангел Спироски

Ангел Спироски (1996) во 2014та година се запишува на Факултетот за музичка уметност во Скопје на одделот за композиција во класата на проф. м-р Дарија Андовска, а во 2015та година паралелно започнува со своите студии на одделот за оркестарско диригирање во класата на проф. м-р Сашо Татарчевски. Во јуни, 2019та се стекнува со диплома: оркестарски […]

Џорџ Џексон

Џорџ Џексон е диригент, за кој критиката вели дека е препознатлив по ширината и посветеноста на својата работа – без разлика дали станува збор за оперска продукција, симфониски репертоар или современи партитури, тој успева да изгради силни врски со оркестрите што ги води. Во септември 2022 година, Џексон го започнува својот мандат како музички директор […]

Томас Сандерлинг

Russian-born conductor Thomas Sanderling is closely associated with the music of Dmitry Shostakovich. He has conducted a mixture of orchestras worldwide, generally to critical acclaim, and made a number of successful recordings. He has developed an equally respected reputation in opera, particularly for performances in the most important operatic centers in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia. […]

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