Mersiha is the solo harpist of the Macedonian Philharmonic. She completed her Bachelor’s studies at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, in the class of Prof. Leyla Urmanova (Russia) as the first academic harpist in Macedonia. She completed her Master’s studies in Belgrade, Serbia, in the class of Prof. Milica Baric and Prof. Liljana Nestorovska.

She has attended lessons with renowned harpists, such as: Catherine Michel, Elizabeth Binoche, Jana Boshkova, Anna Levina, Ion Ivan –Roncea, Monika Stadler, Susanna Mildonian, Patricia Tasini, Catrin Finch, Sirin Pancaroglu, Fabrice Pierre, Natalia Shamayeva, Mariele Nordman и Isabelle Moretti.

Mersiha has performed numerous solo concerts at the Skopje Summer Festival, Heraclea Nights, Francophonie Days, Bitola Summer Festival, Autumnal Music Festivities. She has performed as a soloist with the Skopje Mandolin Orchestra and the string ensemble Arko. She has also performed abroad in Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo, France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Israel, Croatia and Turkey.

She is in the Guinness Book of World Records as a part of the largest and longest harp orchestra at the 10th World Congress in Amsterdam.

Mersiha released a CD titled The Sounds of the Harp, which is the first edition of music for solo harp in Macedonia. She has also recorded audio and video performances for the Macedonian Radio and Television. She is a member of the World Harpist Association and is the correspondent for Macedonia.

“I am exceptionally proud for being a member of the oldest symphonic orchestra in Macedonia. It is a great honour and privilege to be the first employed harpist in this institution since its founding. I love my job, which permanently inspires me, makes me happy and teaches me new things about music and communication with people. I like the energy on stage which I share with my dear colleagues, eminent soloists and conductors. I am fulfilled by the humanity expressed through my playing for all of the children with special needs.

I am curious and adventuristic by nature, I love traveling, nature, sport. I love humour, but I also like spirituality. I love to cook and I quite often use the spice of love. Small things make me happy, as well as my friends and life.”

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