Education of young audiences is very important for us as an institution, creating through it our future audiences and encouraging the children to develop an interest in the music we perform, which has a different aesthetics than the commercial music. Through these concerts we recruit a new audience, potential listeners and admirers of classical music.

The concerts for young audiences are an important segment of the programme policies of our institution. These concerts have an adapted content, specially created for the youngest, through which they are educate and acquainted with classical music in an immediate way. The concerts have a different concept, envisioned as musical tales which bring classical music closer to the youngest audiences through text and music.

We have produced many concerts with different programming and stories intended for the youngest audience.

The children had the opportunity to attend the concert titled A Magical Voice – a story about a boy who wants to become an opera singer and dreams how he sings opera arias. In his dream the good witch appears, who is actually an opera singer and tries to make his dream come true. The witch arrives on a horse, instead of a broom, is chased by annoying bumblebees, she is taken away by the sound of the trumpets, to finally be transformed into a wooden doll…

The story is filled with humour and surprise, with music appropriately selected for the youngest listeners featuring works by Copland, Bernstein, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mozart, Mussorgsky, Strauss, Rossini.

The Toys’ Dream, with works by Debussy, Grieg, Ponchielli, Mozart, Bizet, Elgar, is a musical story about two children who dream of becoming famous conductors. A sorcerer helps them in realising their dream. This concert also contains an abundance of humour in the narration, as well as educational elements, which will help children to acquaint themselves through laughter with classical music, the instruments of the orchestra and the role of the conductor.

One of the most attractive concerts for young audiences was With Disney Through the World, where the audience was able to enjoy the music of the most beautiful animated films produced by the popular company Disney, amongst which were Lion King, Mulan, Frozen, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast…

One of the aims of our institution is to also develop through classical music the environmental awareness of the young audiences. An example is the concert titled Musical Excursion with Pakomak, which was completely dedicated to ecology, clean nature, the symbiosis of plants and animals…

In the context of music education, young audiences also had the opportunity to attend the concert titled Have you got rhythm? and directly interact with the secrets and the diversity of the rhythm. This concert featured works from the classical music repertoire, as well as the modern music literature, with emphasis on the rhythmical impulse – works by Smokvarski, Khalife, Anderson, Bernstein, Strauss, De Falla. The concert brought together the sounds and rhythms of Macedonia, Lebanon, Cuba, Spain…

The thematic concerts are also an integral part of the repertoire for young audiences. Such a concert is Superheroes featuring the theme music from well-known adventure and science fiction films. The children listened to the ultra-popular music pieces from film hits Superman, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter and E.T.

Well, Just You Wait! is another concert for young audiences, which is also quite interesting for adults. This is a unique project featuring musical themes from the cult animated pictures from Eastern Bloc countries, which marked the childhood of the children growing up in the 1970s and 1980s – Balthazar, Well, Just You Wait!, Cossacks, Kozle Bozle, Gustav, Miś Uszatek… visually illustrated with a special video production, as well as spectacular light design.

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