Igor was born in 1970. He graduated double bass in the class of Prof. Velko Todevski at the Faculty of Music in Skopje. During his studies, he successfully participated in many competitions, of which most significant is the 1st prize at the federal 1989 competition of Ex-Yugoslavia, which took place in Sarajevo. He is also the recipient of multiple awards at national competitions.

He was a member of the orchestra of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and since 2000 he holds a permanent position in the orchestra of the Philharmonic. He is a leader of the double bass section in the orchestra.

Besides his work as a symphonic musician, Mitashev is also a member of chamber ensembles, performing music from different style epochs. More important is his work as a member of the chamber studio Bachus, which performed baroque music in Europe and the USA. Besides this chamber ensemble, Mitashev has also performed with the Mandoline Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Pristina, the contemporary music ensemble Alea and the Macedonian Chamber Orchestra, led by the Macedonian conductor with an international career, Vancho Chavdarski. Igor is also a member of the Chamber Orchestra of the Macedonian Philharmonic. With these ensembles he has performed in the USA, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine…

Besides his work with the Macedonian Philharmonic, Igor also works as a double bassist in the Kosovo Philharmonic, regularly appearing in all the performances.

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