Aleksandar was born in 1989 in Skopje. He started his music education when he was nine years old, in the trombone class of Prof. Tashko Todorov. After ten years of learning the trombone, he continued playing the tuba at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, in the class of Prof. Tashko Todorov, where he also graduated in 2014.

He began his professional engagement in 2012 when he was engaged as a part-time collaborator in the orchestras of the Macedonian Philharmonic and the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. He became a permanent member of the Macedonian Philharmonic in 2015. Aleksandar occasionally records with the film music orchestra F.A.M.E.’s, performs with the Montenegro Symphony Orchestra, the Belgrade Opera and Ballet and is a permanent member of the Skopje Brass Quintet, the Macedonian Brass Quintet and the Trombone Quartet of the Macedonian Philharmonic. In 2016 he began his Master’s studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the class of Prof. Krunoslav Babic.

Aleksandar loves symphonic and opera music, the sound of the American orchestral low brass, German tubas, live concerts, basketball, mountain hiking.

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