Vladimir was born in 1979. He started playing the oboe when he was 15 years old. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the National Music Academy Pancho Vladigerov in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the class of Prof. Georgi Zhelyazov. One year later, he started his two-year specialisation in Boston, USA, as a scholarship holder from the Longy Music Academy, under the mentorship of the Boston Symphony Orchestra oboists, Wayne Rapier and Mark McEwen. After his return from the USA, he continued his education at the National Music Academy Pancho Vladigerov and earned his PhD in the field of oboe and chamber music performance in 2013.

Vladimir is a laureate of the music competition Allegro Vivo in Austria (2002) and the competition The Earth and the People in Bulgaria (2001). He is also the recipient of awards at national oboe and chamber music competitions.

He is the first oboe of the Macedonian Philharmonic and is also an Associate Professor at the Music Academy at the University of Goce Delchev in Shtip, since the formation of the university in 2007. Vladimir is a member of Music Progressive Quartet, the contemporary music ensemble Contempora and the film music orchestra F.A.M.E.’s.

Vladimir plays a Laubin oboe, made of rose wood by the legendary American oboe maker, Paul Laubin.

“I know what I want from life and I do not hesitate when I make decisions. I hold my feet firmly to the ground and can only fly off when I need to travel somewhere or when I play the oboe. That is why I am proud of my Laubin oboe, which I found while I was attending my specialisation studies in Boston, USA. The sound of the instrument faithfully serves me in each concert. I am communicative and very active. My faith in positive thoughts and sharing small joys with my family is what moves me forward.”

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