Marija was born in 1992 in Negotino. She started playing the violin when she was 9 years old. She completed her secondary education at the SMBC Ilija Nikolovski Luj in Skopje in the class of Prof. Oleg Kondratenko and Ljubisha Kirovski. She continued her education at the Faculty of Music in Skopje in the class of Prof. Mihajlo Kufojanakis, while attending private lessons with Sihana Badivuku. In 2013 she was accepted as a scholarship student of Lynn University in South Florida. During her studies in the USA, she attended masterclasses and performed in concerts, competitions and festivals. She studied with the eminent violinist and conductor Guillermo Figueroa. At the conservatory Marija was a member of the philharmonic orchestra, which also functions as a professional orchestra, as well as the chamber orchestra, performing with numerous acclaimed soloists such as Joshua Bell. She graduated Cum Laude in 2017. After her return to Macedonia, she started working part-time at the Macedonian Philharmonic. In 2019, after a successful audition, she became a permanent member of the group of second violins.

Her hobbies are: producing creative and educational content for her Instagram, YouTube and her website, where she has more than 21,000 followers. Marija also teaches the violin to many students around the world and recently became a member of the Trala App team from Chicago. The app is dedicated to learning the violin completely online.

A few times a week she leads music workshops for people with special needs, with whom she enjoys to socialise, because of her sister, who also has special needs. She spends the rest of her free time with her family, cooking, watching films, reading or talking walks in nature.

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