As the daughter of a musician (violinist in the orchestra of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet), Maja spent her childhood with the music of the famous opera composers behind the stage of the Opera. This is where her love for classical music comes from. She started playing the violin in the class of Prof. Paskali Nikolov when she was seven years old. Maja completed her music studies in her hometown, Skopje, graduating in 1995, in the class of Prof. Mihajlo Kufojanakis, and completing her Master’s degree in 2001 in the class of Prof. Zoran Dimitrovski. During her education she was awarded prizes at national violin and chamber music competitions. She was also a member of the Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia Chamber Orchestra, Youth Philharmonic of Vojvodina and the International Youth Orchestra of Altenburg, Germany. She became a member of the Macedonian Philharmonic in 1996, as part of the group of first violins. Maja is a permanent member of the Chamber Orchestra of the Philharmonic and the film music studio F.A.M.E.’s. She has performed in the USA, France, Poland, Sweden, Spain, China, Portugal, etc. She is an avid chamber and orchestral musician. Maja was appointed as Associate Concertmaster of the Macedonian Philharmonic in 2015.

She enjoys a glass of wine after a successful performance, traveling for work and privately, a good book, a film, the theatre, and of course music.

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