Ljupka Kaevikj was born in 1991 in Skopje. She is a permanent member of the Macedonian Philharmonic since 2020. She completed her primary and secondary music education at the SCMB Ilija Nikolovsku Luj and graduated from the Faculty of Music Goce Delchev in Shtip in the class of Prof. Paskal Krapovski. During her education she has been the recipient of numerous awards at national and international competitions. In 2008 she performed in Germany with the Chamber Orchestra of the SMBC Ilija Nikolovski Luj, conducted by Prof. Le Phi Phi. In 2009, she performed with the KFX Orchestra in Kotor. She has also performed as a soloist with the Macedonian Philharmonic in 2010 and 2013. Ljupka has realised numerous solo performances at home and abroad. She is a member of the string trio 4strings. She has performed with various ensembles, amongst which is the chamber orchestra Skopje Soloists. With the quartet Passions and Prof. Borche Naumovski, she performed in New York in 2018.

From 2015 until 2017 she taught cello at the SMBC Ilija Nikolovski Luj. Ljupka was highly successful as a teacher, which is evident by the number of awards received by her students. For a while, she was also a member of the Orchestra of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. She attended seminars with renowned cellists: Astrit Selita, Johannes Moser, Michal Kanka, Vida Vujic, Gal Faganel…

“To be a part of the orchestra of the Macedonian Philharmonic is a truly great pleasure for me. Besides being a music fanatic, I also love sport, nature, socialising with my friends, good books. Love guides me through life, helping me to succeed and be a happy and fulfilled person.”

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