Ljupcho was born in 1981 in Skopje. He is a clarinettist at the Macedonian Philharmonic since 2006. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, in the class of Prof. Ivan Kocharov. In 2008 he attended a contemporary music masterclass in Graz, Austria, held by Prof. Ernesto Molinari. He has also attended masterclasses held by Karl Dohnal, Silvie Hue, Ronald Sebesta, Igor Frantisak, Jorge Montilla, Petko Radev. In the academic year 2005/2006, Ljupcho was a clarinet demonstrator at the Faculty of Music in Skopje. From 2006 – 2008 he worked as a clarinet teacher at the music schools in Skopje and Tetovo.

Ljupcho has recorded three CDs: 2007 – “French fantasy” (Debussy, Poulenc,Messager…. ), 2009 – ”Macedonian Composers” (Canev ,Temkov,Nikolovski….), 2011 – “Ethno Jazz Stories”. He has an active performing life as a soloist and instrumentalist with the Macedonian Philharmonic, Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia, the contemporary music ensemble ALEA, Moving Art Ensemble, The Wind Orchestra of Skopje, the ensemble Kocho Racin… With these ensembles he has performed different genres of music and has realised numerous concerts, audio and video recordings, TV performances, as well as tours in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Belgiium, Poland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, America, Australia, Japan, Oman and China.

“The different music styles and genres are always a challenge for me. You can see me as a clarinettist, saxophonist or percussionist, even as a DJ. From concert halls to night clubs. Simply, I like to play 24/1.”

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