Jasmina was born into a family of musicians, where she had contact with the instruments played by her father: piano, violin and accordion. She was fascinated by the sound of the violin and the love for the instrument, lasting until today, was born with the first contact.

She started her music education in the class of Prof. Biljana Gavrilska and later completed her studies in the class of Prof. Mihajlo Kufojanakis. During her time as a student, Jasmina participated in all of the republic and federal competitions in ex-Yugoslavia, being always one of the highest-ranking participants. She also attended summer music camps and seminars with eminent teachers, such as Marine Yashvili, Eugenia Chugaeva, and was a member of the Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia Chamber Orchestra.

As a scholarship holder from the Macedonian Philharmonic during her studies, Jasmina was a permanent collaborator of the orchestra. Since her employment in 1989, she is also a member of the Chamber Orchestra of the Macedonian Philharmonic. She was a member of the Philharmonic String Quartet, with the eminent Leonid Peisakhov, Frosina Balova and Lali Politkovskaya, realising unforgettable national and international performances. Jasmina was also a member of the ensemble Skopje Soloists and is a permanent member of the F.A.M.E.’s Orchestra.

“I spend my free time reading a good book or walking and playing with my golden retriever. I renew my energy in my beloved Ohrid, taking walks by the most beautiful lake.”

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