Elena is the first flute of the orchestra of the Macedonian Philharmonic. With her personal expression and virtuosity, she is amongst the most talented flutists in the country. She was born in Kochani, where she began her music education in the class of Prof. Elena Miraschieva. She completed her secondary education at the SMBC Ilija Nikolovski Luj in the class of Prof. Radmila Poposka and graduated from the Faculty of Music in Skopje in 2014, in the class of Prof. Strasho Temkov. As a student she attended numerous seminars and workshops with eminent flutists, including a very significant collaboration in the past few years with the eminent Blugarian flutist Prof. Georgi Spasov. She has been awarded with numerous prizes and acknowledgments at home and abroad.

Besides her activity as a member of the orchestra, Elena regularly performs in Macedonia as a soloists and chamber musician. Her collaboration with the Macedonian Philharmonic started in 2013, performing with renowned conductors and instrumentalists.

“One is very lucky when their job brings joy and pleasure. For me the work with the orchestra is not just a job, but a way of life. I enjoy the concerts and performing on stage, getting inspiration from the simplicity and the beauty of everyday things. When I want to relax, I take walks in nature or mountain hikes. At home I like to read a good book or to enjoy a good film or series. Small things make me happy: the smile on my family’s faces, a good film, talks with a dear person, cooking with people close to me.”

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