Daniel was born in Skopje in 1975. He began his first steps in music as a student of piano at the music school Ilija Nikolovski Luj in Skopje. After his primary education, he continued his studies as a student of bassoon. He graduated from the Faculty of Music in Skopje and completed his studies with the highest honours (maximum mark 10) – cum laude.

After completing his Bachelor’s studies, he was accepted as the first bassoon Master’s student at the Music Academy in Ljubljana. During and after his studies, he attended masterclasses: Mozarteum Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria (1995), Schleswig-Holstein Festival in Lübeck, Germany (1998), masterclass with the renowned bassoonist Prof. Klaus Thunemann, as well as with Prof. Albrecht Holder in Weikersheim. Daniel has also twice been a member of the international orchestra academies in Altenbuerg (1996) and Bayreuth (1998). In 2002 he completed his Master’s studies in Würzburg, Germany, in the class of Prof. Albrcht Holder.

Since early childhood, Daniel showed exceptional talent and has received numerous awards at piano competitions. During his secondary education, he participated in the wind competition in Herceg Novi (1991), where he was awarded the first prize. He was also the recipient of prestigious awards at other competitions. He is a member of the Association of Musical Artists of Macedonia, as a member of the Trio Makedoniko and the Skopje Wind Quintet. His first professional engagements as an orchestral musician are in the Macedonian Philharmonic and the Slovenian Philharmonic. He was a member of the Ljubljana Opera and Ballet (2000/01), as well as the Maribor Opera and Ballet. Daniel has also performed with the Orchestra of the Faculty of Music, the Orchestra of the Macedonian Radio and Television, the Kosovo Philharmonic, etc.

He is an active participant in the concert life at home and abroad. He is a frequent guest of the national festivals: Skopje Summer Festival, Autumnal Musical Festivities, Interfest – Bitola, Ohrid Summer Festival, Heraclea Nights, Shtip Summer Festival, as well as festivals in Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Gerzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy and Germany.

In 2005, he was engaged as a teacher of bassoon at the Faculty of Music in Skopje. One generation of students has already completed their education in his class. At the moment Daniel is a permanent member of the Macedonian Philharmonic.

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