Piano trio “Ars Essendi”

The piano trio “Ars Essendi” has been newly founded in the year 2021. Members of the trio are Eva Strejcová (piano), Mariia Prokofeva (violin) and Oleg Cingarski (violoncello). All members are currently in their bachelor’s studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. 

“Ars Essendi” have been under the mentorship of Mga. Lukáš Klánský and prof. Ivan Štraus from the beginning of their collaboration. During their studies they have also worked with other permanent professors at the Academy such as MgA. Michal Kaňka. Their concert presence has been mainly in the Czech Republic (Prague, Liberec, Brno). The individual members of the trio have worked with world renowned musicians such as Michele Campanella (piano), Ivan Klánský (piano) Vadim Repin (violin), Daniel Müller- Schott (violoncello) and many others. 

They have also attended at several competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

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