Iva Damjanovski, born on 09.01.1996 in Skopje, Macedonia. She is currently a student at the University of Trento, Italy in a Master’s of Musicology Program as well as the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, Macedonia in a Master’s of Piano Performance and Composition Program, class of prof. Marija Gjosevska. She is the author of “The performance of the future – the contemporary performance phenomenon in music and theatre, it’s development and communication with the audience.”, published in the fourth edition of the scientific journal “Ars Academica” by the Faculty of Music and Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje (2016) and ““ELEORP 76”: MUSICA NOVA MACEDONICA: Macedonian Electroacoustic music, her development and characteristics“, published and presented at the forty-second conference of the annual Struga Autumnal Music Manifestation by SOKOM (2017). She has directed and performed as part of the concert pair “Monochromatics” and “Monologues”, dedicated to contemporary classical Macedonian music featured in the programs of music festivals such as “Days of Macedonian Music” and “Златна Лира” (2018) as well as her solo recital and multimedia concert project “As we danced we gave substance to shadows” in which she also performed on theremin (2021). Her first piece for the piano has been published as part of the compilation “Piano sky 3” by Pop Depresija, Serbia. She is also part of the duo “Alembic” whose self-titled album is to be released by fall 2022. Her poetry has been published in the anthology poetry books: “Rukopisi 40” (2017), “Rukopisi 44” (2021), “Who is who” (2021), “32 Македонски поети. Гласови на новиот век” (2018), “Астални Проекции” (2019), “SPE SALVI: POESÍA JOVEN INTERNACIONAL” (2020) and many more. Her first poetry book “Тие” was published by “Blesok Publishing “and the book was the winner of the “Igor Isakovski” award for best debut poetry book by a young author (2017). In 2019 the second and broadened edition was published by PNV Publications. In 2020 her second poetry book “Двоумење” was published by the same publisher and was awarded the prestigious national award “Браќа Миладиновци” for best poetry book of the year at the Struga Poetry Evenings. In 2021 she was also awarded the third prize in the “Антево Слово” and special prize in the “Castello di Duino” international poetry competitions for best unpublished poem. She is part of the “Versopolis” platform since 2021 and her poetry has been translated in Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, English, Albanian, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Bengali. Currently she is to perform for two concerts as a theremin soloist with the Macedonian Philharmonic (April and September 2022), a concert for contemporary music for four pianos (2022, exact date TBA), a recital focusing on music for piano by female composers (November 2022) and her third multilingual poetry book “Тријажа” is to be published by the end of the year.

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