FAME'S European Orchestral Performing Institute is a music educational center that was established within the FAME'S music recording company. Organized in one place, the center is a unique platform for professional music training, exchange and creativity for young European instrumentalists.

FAME'S European Orchestral Performing Institute opens an European Creative orchestral program for skilled young musicians in the field of Orchestral music. As part of Pan-European cultural entities (CREA-CULT-2021-PECE), the program focuses on giving an opportunity for young talented musicians to participate into various orchestral practices, exploring new repertoires and performance styles within the Fames Project and recording studio.

The program includes various genres of music that marks every masterclass. Seminars are composed of Classical music, Film/Media, Hybrid music, music recording and Carte Blanche masterclass. All the masterclasses are recorded in our professional recording studio and the final concerts are live streamed or held in different venues.

FAME'S European Orchestral Performing Institute during every seminar is welcoming participants from different countries - members of Creative Europe Program, as well as famous artists like Timothy Redmond,  Colsimcha Band, Olivier Truan, Luis Ivars, Alistair King, Francesco Tristano, Benjamin Shwartz, Rob Mazurek, Cuareim Quartet and Natasha Rogers, Olivier Dejours, Etienne Abelen, Gabriel Prokofiev, Igor Coretti, Luka Faulisi and Emily Davis.

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