Eva Bogoevska – Violin

Eva Bogoevska was born on 27th October 1999 in Skopje,North Macedonia.She has started playing the violin at the age of seven in the class of professor Anna Kondratenko.In 2016 ,at the age of sixteen,Eva Bogoevska became a student of violin on the Faculty of Music Art in Skopje in the class of professor Oleg Kondratenko and she graduated in his class in 2020.

At the very beginning of her music career she won on the International Classical Music Festival Ohrid Pearls ,and was invited to participate in two concerts in Bratislava ,Slovakia.

She also won numerous Special first prizes in Macedonia.She brought several International first prizes and acknowledgements to Macedonia as well , among which the most remarkable :First Prize in Festival for classical music in San Remo,Italy in 2012 ;The first degree laureate in the well known International Festival of Classical Music in Sankt Peterburg, Russia in the year 2014,where 150 competitors from all over the world took part ;Grand Prix in the International Festival of Classical Music and Art in Jerusalem,Israel in 2016.In 2017 Eva Bogoevska won the first prize in the International Festival of Classical Music RONDO in New York where 200 competitors of the same category,from all the continents in the world took part.As the first prize winner in this competition ,Eva Bogoevska had a concert performance in the well known Carnegie Hall in New York.

Since 2017 Eva Bogoevska has been a member of FAME’S Film Orchestra where she recorded movies scores. Since 2020 she has been the youngest member of the Macedonian National Philharmonic Orchestra.In 2021 she started Master studies in the class of professor Sergey Ostrovsky.

Eva Bogoevska has performed as a soloist with the Macedonian Philharmony as well as with the National Orchestra of the Opera and Ballet in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam .

She has also performed as a soloist in Slovakia,Malaysia,Vietnam,Italy,Russia,Austria,Chech Republic,Hungary,Israel,USA,France and North Macedonia.

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