Dzijan Emin

Born in Skopje, Dzijan Emin is a versatile musician with a vast experience in the music world. For over a decade he is the principal horn player of the Macedonian Philharmonic, in the meantime working as a multi-instrumentalist and composer of music for different ensembles, theatre productions and film. Dzijan appears also as a producer of a few albums, as well as artistic director of different music festivals, bringing with him an individual and creative expression. He has also been a part of many other orchestras, including the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, No Borders Orchestra, the East-West Orchestra and the F.A.M.E.S. Orchestra, where besides his work as a horn player, he has also worked extensively as an orchestrator and a conductor. His work as an orchestrator has resulted with more than fifty projects from different genres of music, most of which were music from motion pictures.
In his very versatile career Dzijan has collaborated with renowned musicians, some of which were awarded an Academy Award or a Grammy: A. R. Rahman, Frank London, Bob Stewart, Francesco Bearzatti, Luca Aquino, Gianluca Petrella, Malcolm Burn, Damo Suzuki, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, Gloria Estefan, the music duo Air, the producer of Daft Punk and many others.  
As a conductor he has lead orchestras such as: The Macedonian Philharmonic, The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Parisian Orchestre Lamoureux, Flanders Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra de Cannes, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Danubia Orchestra Obuda in Budapest, performing music which he has composed or arranged.
Dzijan Emin is one of the leading contemporary musicians in Macedonia and the Balkans, with growing reputation in the world as an artist with exceptional musicianship.

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