Frosina’s professional engagement with the Macedonian Philharmonic dates back to 1982 and was appointed leader of the violas in 1990.

“To be a musician in the Philharmonic requires complete dedication in the educational process from a very early age. I started my music education in the class of Prof. Blagoj Canev, continuing my studies with Prof. Pavlina Misirkova and later with Prof. Ljubomir Gospodinov at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, where I also earned my Master’s degree. This is the time of my growth on stage. I participated in numerous performances with Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia, summer camps in Grožnjan and collaboration with colleagues from other music centres as part of chamber ensembles, giving me the experience of group interpretation, which immensely helped me in my further orchestral engagements. I was also a member of the European Chamber Orchestra and the Youth World Philharmonic, which engagements were crowned with the award Mlad Borec in 1982, an exceptional recognition in the field of science and art in those times, which confirmed the appropriate professional development.

My love and necessity for chamber music was reflected in my collaboration with the Chamber Orchestra of the Macedonian Radio and Television, the Chamber Orchestra of the Philharmonic, the String Quartet of the Philharmonic, where I played with the respected Leonid Peisakhov, Jasmina Dragomanska and Lali Politkovskaya, realising beautiful experiences in the country and abroad.

Working at the Philharmonic is the most precious professional study and specialisation for me, because of the possibility to collaborate with outstanding musicians, soloists and conductors from around the world. One concert – one seminar. The richness of information offered here without the need to travel far away in search for them. This is exceptionally important for me and immensely helpful in my pedagogical work since my appointment as Professor at the Faculty of Music in Skopje in 2001.

It is very important that after many years and decades the Philharmonic received its own home. A wish, an aspiration, a necessity for many before me, but also of the lovers of our art, who faithfully followed us in various locations: the Youth Cultural Centre, the Children’s Theatre next to the Youth Cultural Centre, from the school Pestaloci to the Universal Hall, from the Macedonian National Theatre to the Army Hall…

I love the earth I walk on, I love the mountains, the source of my happiness, I love field flowers, the lake, the stream… I love the encounters in my yard, the smell of barbecue and the many, many, joyful and singing philharmonic musicians and music lovers.”

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