Бенце Зепеси

Member of the orchestra since 1992, Bence also teaches and performs widely as a soloist and frequently acts as a judge at competitions. Music fills his days completely: he teaches in several institutions of education, at secondary and higher level. Among these the University of Miskolc stands out where he has taught classical saxophone for eight years. He is founder and artistic director of the world-renowned ensemble called Budapest Saxophone Quartet, of which he is proudest, besides Dohnányi Orchestra, of course. Established in 1995, the Budapest Saxophone Quartet is a one-of-a-kind small chamber orchestra in Hungary considering its lifetime, set-up, career path and membership, and a rare phenomenon internationally, as it still consists of the same four people who over twenty years ago set this group off to conquer the world, and established the classical saxophone genre that had been unheard of in Hungary before. Bence plays regularly in the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, which he enjoys profoundly. For over ten years he has been member of the jury at Hungarian and international competitions, he has held clarinet and saxophone master courses in more than ten countries, at such distinguished universities like the Manhattan School of Music, New York, Los Angeles State University, Conservatory of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Conservatorio Nicolini, Piacenza, Italy, just to name a few. He has played solo with several foreign orchestras including the Russian State Wind Orchestra, St. Petersburg State Capella Symphony Orchestra, Russia, Intercamerata Orchestra, Poland, Arnhem Wind Symphony, the Netherlands and Dohnányi Orchestra. On top of all that he is deeply involved in organisational work, too: he is the Chairman of the International Clarinet Association in Hungary and was elected President of the Hungarian Clarinet and Saxophone Society in 2016 which is the first national professional institution to unite clarinet and saxophone players, teachers, students and fans of these instruments in an official non-governmental organisation. His occupation, in fact, is both a profession and a hobby for him. He is most proud to be engaged in this wide range of versatile activities, and he is lucky to be able to do what he loves. Favourite composers: Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. ‘What does Dohnányi Orchestra mean to me? A uniquely colourful professional career, an exceptionally great community and an extraordinary opportunity for development. Dohnányi Orchestra is an unparalleled phenomenon in Hungary by being the only ensemble that was designed following the American model rather than classical traditions, by utilising versatility, breaking down barriers between genres and connecting different art forms. We musicians are also incredibly proud of the professional and business model that the orchestra established and has maintained successfully and outstandingly for many years under Gábor Hollerung’s leadership. Dohnányi Orchestra performs the greatest number of concerts in Hungary and what’s more we have a full house every time and everywhere. We are extremely proud of that! That’s why we call this orchestra home and that’s exactly why so many former members long to be with us again. Dohnányi Orchestra provides a career for musicians. I surely love playing and living here. Upon our 2018 anniversary, I wish another 25 years spent with Gábor and my fellow musicians in such a good company, surrounded by friends and having such a fantastic audience in all our concerts. That’s what I wish for all of us.’

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