11.04.2020 [Saturday] @ 20:00
Regular season / Concert Hall

The musical-visual performance "Breathe Love" will premiere on March 15 (Sunday) at the Philharmonic Concert Hall. It is a completely new, authentic and unique project with music by composer and conductor Dzijan Emin and lyrics by musicologist Tina Ivanova, in which the music created through the songs is merged with a hologram, thereby imposing the epithet on the multimedia.
For the first time in Macedonia a concert will be performed with an image obtained by interference of light waves. Johan Melin from Sweden is in charge of the hologram, who has an enviable biography behind him as a film director and writer.
"Breathe Love" speaks of two essential phenomena without which man could not survive - the air and love. The inspiration to perform this concert originally stemmed from the problem that Macedonia has been facing for years - polluted air and all that it brings with it, especially environmental awareness and human health. On the other hand, the project can also be experienced as pure love, as the theme itself is based on that initial, naive love, mutual passion between two partners.
Concert "Breathe Love" is designed to be realized on two levels. The first level is composed of ten songs by Jian Emin, vocals, guitar, synthesizer, and Philharmonic music artists. The second level is a love story narrative supported by instrumental music by Dzijan Emin.
In addition to Dzijan Emin and Philharmonic music artists, the opera singer and narrator will also take part in the concert.
The author of the texts of the songs as well as the short story is the musicologist Tina Ivanova, whose inspiration for their creation is the aforementioned themes that give the whole project a completely new and different dimension.
The concert will be in Macedonian language, and the music and lyric possess that Skopje, nostalgic sound aesthetic and trace back to the 80s and especially 90s music of the last century created on the American and British music scene.

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